SSL – Secure Sockets Layer Certificate to Secure Website Information

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

In today’s world of technology, it is quite convenient to own a website for a person. If a person is thinking to start an online business then he has to keep in mind few things which are having key importance for e- commerce business. First of all, he needs a web hosting server, second thing he requires is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to secure his website information & third thing is an internet connection with high-speed link.

There are large numbers of online hosting service providers who use SSL certificates to secure their websites and allow their customers to place their order with a trust that their information is secured. Whether it is their personal information or it is information about their credit or debit card. Through SSL, these crucial information are approachable only when a person authorizes the other one to use it. For using SSL, a web service provider requires to have the SSL certificate which is given by Certificate Authorities.

There are many hosting service provider who renders SSL secure service to their customers free of cost through sharing. SSL certificate is also available when a person pays for it. SSL certificate, whether a person shares it or buys it, is must for a hosting web service.

Hosting server SSL web

Hosting a website means making a website available to public worldwide. However, people can see a website only when it is available on the Internet. To make a website available on the Internet, it should be stored on a computer which is commonly known as a web server. When a person buy some space on a web server and store web pages there, then his website becomes hosted and can be seen by the entire world. There are few specifications of web server which are quite different from a simple computer. Web server must have those specifications required to work in a proper way. It should serve a purpose of online business, a person had plans of.

Customer Service is one of the basic and most essential features a person should renders to its customers while running a website. It is must for people who will use that website, when they login into that website they need to give their personal information. It is the duty of the website owner to secure their information & that can be done only with SSL certification.

Therefore, it is a really easy & simple to go or plan for an e-commerce business, with taking care of just three things that are web hosting server, SSL certificate & high-speed internet connection.

Free Fix SD Card Problems on Samsung Galaxy

“My Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to read the SD card and I am continuously told that space of my phone is running out. Besides, my phone is badly lagged. Please help.”

“After I upgraded my phone to Android 5.2.0, my Samsung Galaxy S6 stopped recognizing the SD card. I removed the card, inserted it again, and reboot the phone. But it still cannot be recognized.”

It is the SD card that should be responsible for the problems. SD card errors are the commonplace issues that happen to the Samsung Galaxy phone, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+. So, we are offering some solutions to fix SD card problems on Samsung Galaxy.

Problem 1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Fails to Detect SD Card

“When I upgrade the Android operating system to the latest, for example, Android 5.2.0, then I cannot view any of the photos in the photo library which are stored in the SD card.”

“Why my Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps showing the notification that the SD is blank”


Check whether it works or not. This will help you pinpoint what to blame. Insert the SD card to another Android device and see if it works or not. Also, you can have a try on your computer with a card reader. If it can be detected in other devices, you need to refer to the cases and troubleshooting we offer below.

Problem 2. The memory card has been removed unexpectedly

If your phone gives you the error notification that the memory card has been removed unexpectedly, it can be caused by hardware errors. Removed it and insert again. If the new SD memory can be detected, it indicates that the old one is damaged. Just get it repaired or replaced. But if it still cannot be detected, it should be caused by firmware issues. Follow the solutions below to figure out the causes.


(1) Remove third party apps. These setups may prevent your phone from reading the SD memory. Uninstall them from your phone and see what will happen.

(2) Delete the phone’s cache. This should be adopted after a major operating system update.

(3) Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy. Before proceeding, backup all important data in your phone. After that, perform a factory reset on your device.

Problem 3. Lost files from SD card.

You may lose photos, videos, music and more from the SD card in your Samsung Galaxy. No worry! Follow solutions below to get them back.


Run FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your computer > Connect Galaxy to the computer > Recover lost files from SD card with the program.

Top 5 Apps to Hide your Secret Data & Performing App Management

In the times, when everyone has a smart phone and cannot wait enough before sharing every little moment with others, still some of you might wish to draw a line between private and professional lives. This means that even though you take snaps of everyone, you might wish to share only a selected few and the others you would not even wish anyone to see. So, it is recommended that whether you have Android based phones or iPhones, you would rather go for installing apps to hide the data in it. Let us discuss top 5 of these apps that you shall use for Android or iPhone for protecting your personal data.

1. Leo Privacy Guard Lock & Boost: This app is a product from LEO Network Technology Co., Limited, and works great on both Android phones and iPhones and helps in securing all the apps with just one click. You shall choose between Dot Lock, touch ID or with password. It has a QR Code reader, Private Camera, and a Private Album where you can store away all your images. Your personal messages and information like your card details can be stored in the Safe box. Now you can say good-bye to those snoopy eyes once and for all.

2. iSwipe: Clubbed with a Speed up function to increase the RAM speed and the functioning of the phone, the app is perfect for managing apps on Android phones. With just one swipe, you shall now be able to sort the most frequently used apps and remove the unwanted ones.

3. Secret Folder Version 2.0.0: This is a baby from the Apple Store that has successfully saved plenty of users’ data in iPhone. The app is just 52.6MB in size, can save all the photos and videos with one password, and only you shall be able to enter them. It is compatible with iPhone6, iPad, iPodtouch and works with iOS 8. Over 4 million users are already using this for their iPhone products.

4. CoverMe: This handy app has been found useful by all iPhone users who wish to save their messages, photos and videos from all eyes, except their own. CoverMe has the feature enabling you to make calls or text messages in a secure environment. This is a free app and with a password, you shall be able to save your contacts and the photos and messages anytime.

5. Vault: The Android phone users would swear by this app that surely protects all kinds of messages, photos, videos and even your Facebook messages and call logs. There are two versions available. The free version shall only be able to hide all the messages and call logs. But the paid version would give you the added feature of saving your messages on cloud, unlimited message storage capacity and of course, offer you the stealth mode too.

Thankfully, every day there is a new app in the market that would do better and you need not put lock or key in it to keep the data safe. You have apps to hide messages, photos, videos, and even your visibility status online.

Best 3 Multiplayer Games For Android Fun Together

Tired of playing just insoles against a virtual player lifeless and emotionless? Discover now what are the best multiplayer games in the Google Play Store to download right away to help you enjoy your holidays.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne: fasten your seat belts, it’s off!

Fans of racing games they will not escape Asphalt 8 Airborne, a new adventure to all four wheels for those who love high speeds. It is one of the best racing games on the road set in 13 different scenarios (from Venice to the Nevada desert) living aboard 95 different cars.

Asphlat 8 offers multiplayer game mode that will let you challenge up to 12 different opponents simultaneously. To characterize the title is the graphic quality that does justice on devices with large displays from good resolution. The game is pretty heavy then, to ensure a good gameplay, needs a device to medium-high.

2. NinJump Dash Multiplayer Race

MimJump Dash Multiplayer Race, as the name implies, is designed specifically for multiplayer game modes. In game four ninja turtles will move in an agile way through the levels in a 2D graphics. The aim is to get to the finish line first but, along the way, you will find different opponents ready to hinder your mission.

Featuring gameplay really simple and intuitive controls, you can have fun with your friends in this race against time. Make use of the rockets and the stars ninja to you against your opponents, personalized costumes your character and get ready to abduct you from this fun pastime!

3. Order & Chaos: one of the best RPG’s Play Store

Order & Chaos, as well as offering many hours of play alone, guarantees a multiplayer endless possibilities! In long way in these fantastic lands, while being committed to restore order or to proliferate chaos, meet players online from around the world (in style Warcraft for instance). Choose your favorite character and customize it according to your taste.

You can collaborate in missions or challenge you in duels to the death and form guilds with other players. Some places, such as the Prison Knahswahs and the Realm of the young gods, hide dangerous pitfalls for the solitary adventurers. Before starting the journey will be better gather a company of brave warriors thanks to chat online!