How Mobile Forms Have Revolutionized The Construction Industry

There are multiple things that the construction managers have to keep track of, such as, subcontractors, teams, daily progress, equipment, construction expenses, hours of work, and so on. When information access requires juggling spreadsheets or large collection of paper forms, it increases headaches and hurts productivity.

Mobile forms allow real time information to be collected and shared with employees in back office. This is revolutionizing the face of construction industry. Companies are using mobile forms to monitor daily activities, track critical information, and streamline collaboration between field teams as well as employees in the office.

Here are 5 ways mobile forms are making a difference in the construction industry.

Reduce construction delays

Collection of real time information at the job site, like construction progress, constructors present at the site, or any issues that are being faced, can reduce overall project delays. Real time information reveals issues that might put a project on hold and helps businesses to come up with right solutions on time. This helps keep construction on schedule.

Improve back office efficiency

Elimination of the use of spreadsheets and paper allows construction companies to save long hours spent on data entry, gathering information for reporting, or finding paper forms that have gone missing or filed away. Increased back office efficiency enables the projects to run lean, complete on time and within budget.

More precise project documentation

Use of online form building application to collect information at the job site increases accuracy and reduces issues arising from inconsistent data and information gaps. Photos, GPS, time stamps as well as signatures captured on-site help in accurate audit of the project.

Better accountability of field staff

GPS locations, travel time and time spent by the staff on-site can be effectively calculated with the help of mobile forms. This reduces labor costs and improves accountability. The clock-in and clock-out times recorded by mobile forms also help in reducing the cost.

Better communication between owners and project stakeholders

Completing daily reports at the job location and sharing them with project stakeholders can improve communication with them. When all individuals involved in the project are on the same page, issues requiring attention can be addressed more quickly.

If you are a construction company, embrace mobile forms to simplify your processes. Teambee is a well-configured online data collection application that offers mobile reporting solutions, enables you to share real time information from anywhere, monitor the location of your field employees, simplifies the process of data analytics by converting data into pie charts and graphs, and helps you automate your business workflow.