About Cloud Computing! What is it Anyways?

Cloud computing is the latest technology that is in trend to unleash a tsunami of change in our society and lives. Generally, rather than as a product, the cloud refers to computing as a service. Computing is evolving as devices take the place of traditional hardware and software. Computing companies and customers are having to update themselves with the times, changing up their ways of delivering applications.

At its core cloud computing uses published (API) Application Programming Interfaces over the internet which centralizes data, information, and computational computing power so that users gain the ability to use software across a range of devices. The idea is not new, but faster computer chips, which have generally kept pace with Moore’s law (Moore was the founder of Intel and according to him, “after every 18 months the speed of processor would double”). Innovations like virtualization increased access to high-speed internet, and the development of organized) storage capacity are driving what is likely to be the largest technology shift this decade.

Cloud computing is not a new concept. In 1965, scientist John McCarthy said that “one-day computation may be emerged as a public utility”. Since the chips become faster and technology evolved individuals to upgrade their systems every few years as a way of keeping up with new technologies.

Companies now have to adapt to the new world and have important choices to make. One such thing that organizations need to adopt is cloud identity management. The technology manages the digital identities of the users and customers in the cloud. Thus, make it simple for businesses to manage and keep a record of their customer’s data safe and secure. Organizations are changing as IT developers are using cloud services to buy virtual machines for software production, organizations are moving their storage and backup systems to cloud-based data centers, and operating systems are being developed for all sorts of uses. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which allows companies to contain IT costs by purchasing software which resides on centralized networks, can provide more flexibility and choice of products to IT departments . IT is now becoming a field where technicians need to understand cloud computing in addition to fixing the printer down the hall.

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is that it is aiding innovators of computing solutions. Communications systems like email have historically creating huge problems for IT staffers and expensive as well. Installing and administering email servers has been difficult and the licensing has made company limited and expensive.

So, friends, cloud computing is an interesting technology and today many businesses are moving their data and information on this to keep it safe and access it from any device and from anywhere. The only thing they need is an internet connection.